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    Piñon family medicine is a family owned, family run clinic servicing the east valley, including Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler, Arizona. We provide the full spectrum of care for the entire family including pediatrics, adult health, and management of most chronic conditions. We at Piñon family medicine understand that illness states can arise quickly, so we strive to provide timely same day visits for most acute illnesses while providing scheduled visits for management of chronic conditions, physicals, and preventive health maintenance. Dr. and Mrs. Spencer who founded the practice took their option to begin the office-based business to give you a more personalized level of care than the larger health systems provide. At Piñon family medicine we treat you like family, because we are family. Schedule your appointment today!

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    Chandler Annual Wellness Exams

    Annual Checkups at Piñon Family Medicine

    Annual Check Ups

    Pinon Family Medicine provides affordable annual check-ups for both adult and pediatric patients throughout Chandler.

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    Cancer screening at Piñon Family Medicine

    Cancer Screening

    As a family medical center, Pinon Family Medicine offers thorough cancer screenings as well as preventative care.

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    Acute Illnesses

    Pinon Family Medicine, As a family medical center, offer same day visits for the treatment of acute illnesses on Chandler.

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    Pinon Family Medicine strongly believes in the benefit of appropriate and timely vaccination of children and adults. Multiple studies have been done that show that vaccines are safe, effective, and do not cause disease, delay cognitive development, or have a role in the development of autism.

    We also firmly believe that each patient and/or parent has the right to choose or refuse vaccination as conscience demands and will support each decision and treat all people with respect regardless of choice.

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    Good news, now you can choose to see you primary care doctor instead of going to urgent care! With rapid, same-day visits available and most minor procedures performed in-house, Pinon Family Medicine wants to reduce your need for urgent care clinics.

    Cold and Flu

    Cold & Flu

    Sprains and Concussions

    Sprains & Concussions

    Cuts and Scrapes

    Other Injuries


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    I love Pinon Family Medicine! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my health. They’re friendly and professional and really take the time to provide you with the best care.

    Anne P.


    After parting ways with my last primary care physician, I couldn’t be happier with the switch. Dr. Spencer is thorough and friendly and I can tell he really cares about the health of his patients.

    Jesse K.


    I’ve been going here for almost six months now, and I always feel welcome. It’s a friendly and relaxing environment and the staff is always available to answer questions…

    RON S.